Keyboarding Practice 

Dance Mat Typing
Make your way through all 12 stages and you can be a top typist.

Typing Adventure
Practice home row skills as you help the character find the hidden treasure.

Power Typing
Advance your keyboarding skills starting with home row.

Typing Master
Includes 3 free typing games:

Bubbles Typing Game – practice single letters, alphabet, alphabet and Capitals, and alphabet and numbers – single letter practice for one minute timings to burst the letter bubbles before reaching the surface, when completed students can compare their time with top times of the week.

Keyman Typing Game – home row practice, alphabet, and alphabets/numbers – similar to Pacman and type changing letters to guide through a maze.

Keybricks Typing Game – alphabets and alphabets/numbers – type letters to break bricks of the same color, advances to higher levels the more you have correct
Plus 2 Test Your Typing Speed link
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Fun Games
Games to practice your typing skills