Trimester 2:
During 2nd trimester in physical education we have a lot going on.  We just finished our community service project for jumping for the cure.  Our school raised over $11,000.00 for the American Heart Association.  Along the way we learned how to jump rope and how to keep our hearts healthy.

We will start trimester 2 off with underhand throwing and our bowling unit.  We will then progress into more overhand throwing.  In grades K-2 we will learn the basic rules and skills of volleyball.  After the holiday break, we will be going into team building.  Team building is a unit where students are put on teams and are given physical challenges to complete as a team.  This unit requires working together and staying positive to accomplish a challenge /goal.  We will also continue incorporating fitness into each lesson.  We will also learn about the Winter Olympics during this trimester.  We will have challenges that will require kids to strive for the gold.  Students will also have the chance to practice their skills in basketball, tumbling, and dance. Students in grade 3 will perform a jump rope routine and show off their skills.   Lots of games will finish out the trimester. 

**Please remind your child to bring tennis shoes (a good running tennis shoe would be best) everyday for physical education class. 

Please keep practicing with your child on how to tie shoes if they are still struggling with this skill.

"We don't stop playing, because we grow old.........We grow old because we stop playing!" - Author Unknown

*If your child has grown out of his or her tennis shoes, please buy a shoe for being active such as a running shoe.  We recommend tie or Velcro Shoes.  Shoes with open tops with Velcro straps such as Sketchers aren't very good.  I have also found that the new DC shoes don't give much support to students moving in physical education class.


If your child for some reason can't participate in class due to an illness such as a broken arm, sprained ankle, cold etc., please send a note with your child to class.  All children are expected to try unless a note or communication has been sent.